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‘INCYTO’ is a compund word made up of ‘IN’ and ‘CYTO’, with means a cell ot a cytoplasm. index_logo

INCYTO has a meaning that all our efforts for the research and industrialization are based on a cell, a firm basic and core
element in bio-related industry. Currently, cells are investigated with various methods of BT (Bio Technology), NT (Nano Technology), and IT (Information Technology). INCYTO is a new brand of the next-generation analytical / experimental instruments realized by integrating those technologies.

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  • The [ Green ] color of the symbol represents vitality and also reflects out will to be friendly with customers as well as nature

    futhermore, the oval figure incorporated a Mitochondria, which is thesource of energy within a cell, symbolizes biological applications, the key business line of INCYTO.

The dream of INCYTO is to open up a bright future that guarantees healthy and wholesome life by developing diagnostic
and analytical instruments for medical purposes as well as providing related services and solutions. That is the reason
why INCYTO focuses on MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System), bioengineering, and Lab-on-a-Chip techniques
which are represented as effective tools for diagnosis and drug discovery in BIT integrated industry, a promising new
industrial field in 21st century.

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